Welcome to Colorado Standup Paddle where we live the surfing lifestyle right here in Colorado.We are so stoked to be able to glide through Colorado‚Äôs lake and rivers with our paddles in hand and we want to share that experience with everyone. There are so many reasons we become addicted to this sport, and though any one would be enough.  We find ourselves enjoying so many aspects of the sport, from surfing in the ocean to running local rivers, from racing with our friends in Colorado to testing our skills on the national racing scene, from meet ups with 100 people in the water, to heading out alone in early morning glass, the range of experience available with such simple equipment is part of the attraction of the sport.

Getting started on a paddle board is pretty easy and simple, just about anyone can stand up and propel the board with their paddle. We do recommend getting  off on the right foot by taking a lesson. With the proper instructor you should get a introduction to paddle boarding that includes the history and development of the sport, an overview of the equipment and its terminology, along with proper paddle technique and safety practices. At the end of the lesson, chances are their will be a big smile on your face, and you will be thinking about what kind of first board you will want to own.

The next step is to spend time on your board learning the finer points of paddle technique, trimming and turning your board, and just getting out with family, friends, and dogs. Some folks will be happy with the occasional trip to the local lake, but most of us SUP adventure junkies who plan our weekends and vacations around paddle board experiences. We realize that to take on challenges like distance touring, ocean downwinders, and river excursions, we need to be skilled in all aspects of paddle boarding. We add activity specific boards to our quiver, and take SUP training classes to be ready to excel in every aspect of the sport.

Colorado Standup Paddle is dedicated to everyone who steps onto a paddle board and becomes a changed person. We want to help you get started, see you progress and connect you with the people, places and events that embody the Colorado SUP experience.